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Recycled Plastic ECO USB Stick Business Card MKE015

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For MKE015 memory sizes are 512MB 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 8GB 3.0 16GB 3.0 32GB 3.0 64GB 3.0

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USB flash drive in recycled plastic

Ultra slim smooth USB flash drive in recycled plastic. Given its shape of a business card only 2 mm thick, it is extremely practical to carry around.

It has the largest print area of 83 x 52mm, and is perfectly suited for graphic customisation.

It is made of recycled plastic and equipped with a connector that comes out from the side, which can be removed to facilitate use.

It can be customised on both sides with silk-screen, CMYK printing and 3D printing.

Product Code:MKE015
Body Colours:Brown
Material:Recycled plastic
Flash Memory Sizes:512MB 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 8GB 3.0 16GB 3.0 32GB 3.0 64GB 3.0
Logo Printing:Silk-screen Printing, CMYK printing, 3D printing
Dimensions:83 x 52 x 2mm
Branding Area:83 x 52mm, 2 sides
Standard Packaging:Transparent plastic bag
Minimum Order:50
Delivery Turnaround:10 working days
Category: USB Flash Drives


Lanyard in Black, White, Blue or Red Polyester 70 cm long neck strap available in different colours. It can be customised with your logo, starting from 500 pieces.


Polybag Free, standard packaging: a transparent plastic bag with a pressure closing available in various sizes according to the model.

White Box Semi-rigid cardboard packaging in the shape of a compact parallelepiped, ideal for small to medium sized USB flash drives. The product is loose inside the box.

Window Box Rectangular silver cardboard box with a transparent window. Available in three different sizes. It is possible to customise the shape and graphic design (refer to the Custom Window Box package).

Custom Window box Square cardboard box with customisable colours and sizes. It has a transparent window so the product can be seen. You have the option to place the flash drive on a thermoformed support or left loose inside the box.

Havana box Havana colored cardboard packaging

Digital Services

Erasable Data This makes it possible to preload any type of data or file to the memory so the user can erase data once they have been accessed and thus free up and easily use memory space. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh.

Icon With this service a customised icon can be assigned to the peripheral device, which will be displayed instead of a standard icon making it easier to recognize for the recipient. This service is recommended in combination with name customisation. Only compatible with Windows.

Renaming With this service you can rename the memory stick however you like, and when connected to your computer it will be appear under this name instead of as a generic volume, thus making it easier to recognize for the recipient. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh.

Non-erasable data By preloading non-erasable data your files are saved on a chip partition and thus cannot be erased even by formatting. Connecting the peripheral device to a computer will bring up two icons: one that is read-only and the other a removable mass storage unit that can be used freely. Only compatible with Windows.