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Custom USB sticks are your own bespoke design flash drives.

A custom shaped USB stick embodies your product.

We'd love you to design your own USB drive so that you get the marketing benefit of your own fully bespoke and unique usb sticks. USB bespoke customisation gives you the edge over your competitors' USB giveaways.

Nobody else will have a USB stick like yours and bespoke design in the shape of your logo or a product communicates the essence of your business in your marketing. Fun USB flash drives resonate with prospects, customer, employees etc, and they keep minds focussed on your brand.

Think up your own design and our factories make it up. The USB sticks in the selection below are examples to show you what you can do for your own promotion. This is where you can really get creative in your marketing.

You can have a USB stick made into virtually any shape you can think of so you can embody your brand into a physical 3D representation.

Maybe you thought custom simply meant branded with the well known body shapes and styles. Well we of course have a fantastic range of branded USB sticks too where you'll easily find the type and logo printing style that you have been looking for.

Custom USB sticks

Custom USB Sticks

Custom USB design process

Custom USB design process

Two dimensional rubber based custom USB drive examples

Bespoke USB examples ideal for the music business

Music USB flash drives for distributing music has become a very popular concept. These are used for promotional giveaways, merchandise for fans at concerts, and even rapid recording of live events and distribution in MP3 format after the show.

Big stars are not the only users. Unsigned bands use them to distribute their music amongst their fan base. So we can can supply for any project size from 50 pieces to tens of thousands.

Get in touch with Crazy Dave via the link on the product page (click any piccy on this page!) and find out how cheaply we can make a bespoke flash drive especially for you.

Steps for your first custom USB.

The process is simple. First submit your artwork to show us what your USB stick should be like. Your design could be 2D like a tablet with front and back designs or it could be a full 3D design.

Our graphics team will get to work and supply a CAD visual for you to approve. At this point you can review and change your mind.

Next our production team will produce a mold from the CAD drawing and produce a physical sample. They will photograph this so you can see what your USB stick will be like. You can have an example sent to you to approve for a small additional charge and that will add about a week to the process.

The USB body is injection molded in PCV plastic which is dense enough to feel substantial and robust yet it has a comfortable rubber feel. After the body has been molded it is printed and it is common to use raised text to give your brand and message more impact.

The finished USB sticks are shipped in packaging of your choice 3-4 weeks from the date you approved our artwork.

Character USB sticks build your image with your clients.

Offbeat and fun creative usb sticks.

Rapid turnaround two dimensional custom USB shapes, 5-7 working days.

From apple photo to apple shaped USB stick

From apple photo to apple shaped USB stick

True custom & rapid turn-around.

These are design examples of USB shapes which could be made to your exact requirements in 5-7 working days.

The full colour print with plastic doming really shows your brand at its best.

You provide your company logo, we create several designs, you choose and we produce within 5-7 working days.

Quick production from our European supplier. Delivery 5-7 working days from artwork approval.

Low tooling charge & smaller Minimum Quantity.

Bespoke shapes always have a tooling charge and that can be off-putting when you want a small quantity. With this style of USB stick tooling costs less because our hi-tech European plant has machines geared up to respond whatever shape you come up with.

It also means we can produce smaller batches. The minimum quantity is 5 for your special situations where speed is paramount. We think that often you will find a quantity of 50 will have a good price per USB stick and unit prices go down for larger quantities.

Individual Personalisation Option

For example you can have your company logo on one side and the name of an employee on the other side.

It's cheaper than you think!

What's it cost? Every job is a bit different and we keep pushing to get prices down. Crazy Dave is the man to ask.

As you would expect the cost per piece comes down for larger quantities where there are savings to be made in the production run. There are tooling costs for your bespoke injection mold but that is a one-off because we will keep your mold for repeat orders. The tooling is a bit cheaper for a 2D design.

The USB stick body is usually a PVC injection mold for quantities from 100 to 5000. Beyond that it is worth thinking about using ABS plastic for lower costs especially for a run of 20,000 or more.

Your design is unique to you and nobody else will use it. We have many examples of designs where other custom designs are released so you can choose them with a minimal tooling cost since the basic design has been made.