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Promotional Hygiene Products & Office PPE

Unbranded Too

These are mostly promotional hygiene products but given the obvious recent demand we have added some that are plain stock. We are trying to help in the rush to get hygiene products shifted to where they can be helpful.

Where you see some of our branded hygiene products that appeal to you don't hesitate to ask Dave if we can supply it unbranded at a discount. You never know in the current situation.

Hand Sanitiser in 2 weeks

We have bulk stocks of Antibacterial Hand Gel Sanitiser in our European factory that ship to any European location in 2 weeks.

For our KH26 sanitiser hand gel is available in three sizes of 50ml, 75ml and 500ml. This version is shipped at the lowest cost without logo printing. The smaller two are perfect for carrying around and the 500ml is in a pump dispenser that is ideal for the work place to protect your staff and customers who visit your premises.

Our KH27 is a logo brandable hand sanitiser in a flip top tube format containing 60ml. You don't need to brand these if you simply want to urgently supply you employees.

If you already have hand gel dispensers that you need to replenish then our 5 Litre containers are ideal. You can have these logo branded or plain stock. The hand gel meets or exceeds all legal and quality requirements and is fully compliant

Cleansing Wipes in 1 Week

Our hygienic cleansing wipes contain 70% alcohol in 6 x 8 cm sachets and our lead times are the fastest in the industry at 1 week!. 2 colour branding is included in the price.

Logo Branded Hand Sanitiser

Have you noticed how companies who have distilleries and famously good at branding are making and giving away hand sanitizer? It is altruistic but their giveaway also reinforces their branding.

If you can't make your own sanitiser to give away you can buy it with your logo printed on it. We'll leave you to decide on the ethics of whether it is opportunistic but clearly many who are desperate for hand sanitizer will see the altruism first and we are striving to keep our prices low.

Aktivora Trade Prices

The super hand sanitiser Aktivora which is certified to kill the Covid-19 virus is supplied direct to hospitals and is available as a retail product but companies looking where to buy Aktivora at trade prices in bulk quantities for their own use please click through to our Aktivora Page.

Face Masks and Face Coverings Range

Comprehensive Face Masks Range

See our Face Masks and Face Coverings Range where you'll see washable, disposable versions in various fabrics, plain or dye sublimination printed with fabulously vivid colours.

Hygiene Products for Covid-19

Back to Work Packs - Branded Hygiene Kits with Custom Printed Box

Hygiene Kits & Individual Hand Sanitiser

We have three comprehensive standard hygiene kits, a special low cost three item mini hygiene kit and four hygiene packs comprising logo printed transparent plastic zip pouches.

The hygiene kits are in a logo customised recycled cardboard box with a transparent window and a sliding drawer opening for easy use and extended life.

Mix & Match Contents for Back to Work Packs

Look at the kits to see the large range of product they contain then choose the ones you think would best suit you. Tell Crazy Dave the ones you want an he will quote you a price.

Show you care with Promotional PPE Kits

You care by giving and you show with your logo and message of hope.

It is a very challenging time, the whole world needs goodwill and you can show you are committed to playing your part.

When you make a gift of hygiene products you show that you are in tune with the zeitgeist of today. You create timely goodwill with your own client base and beyond.

Not long ago it seemed that the need for protection from the Covid-19 coronavirus would be short lived but it is sinking in that the need for products such as nitrile gloves and sanitiser gel will be around for many months to come.

Choose your Kit hygiene products

Branded Hygiene Packs - Coming soon - ask for details