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Promotional & Branded Webcam Covers & Webcam Blockers

Protect your privacy.

As creepy as it may seem it is possible that software can activate the webcam on your laptop or desktop computer without you noticing.

A promotional webcam cover is therefore a very welcome logo branded giveaway and what makes it particularly compelling as a promo item is that your brand name sits above the laptop or computer screen and is visible at all times.

As a promotional gift that provides a phonomenal combination of brand visibility and price.

Look up "facial expression recognition in advertising" on the internet and you can find articles about "How Emotion-Detection Technology Will Change Marketing". Enjoy the delicious irony that you can provide a gift that helps protect your clients from pernicious marketing yet uses your logo branded product to do so.

Promotional & branded webcam covers and webcam blockers

Promotional & branded webcam covers and blockers

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