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PPE Safety Pack 2, 3D Mask & Germ Free Keyring NG11

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  • PPE Safety Pack 2, 3D Mask & Germ Free Keyring

    PPE Safety Pack 2, 3D Mask & Germ Free Keyring

  • Polymer germ free keyrings

    Polymer Germ Free Keyrings

  • Polymer germ free keyring options

    Keyring options

  • Opening a door with a polymer germ free keyring

    Opening a door

  • Pressing a lift button with a polymer germ free keyring

    Pressing a lift button

  • Opening a drawer with a polymer germ free keyring

    Opening a drawer

  • Flicking a light switch with a polymer germ free keyring

    Flicking a light switch

  • Polymer germ free keyring dimensions

    Polymer Germ Free Keyring dimensions

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Mask Keyring Combo.

3D Mask.

These two layer cloth face masks can be dye sublimation printed on the front polyester surface and washing is recommended at 30 degrees. The inner layer is made out of cotton cloth for comfort and it comes in 2 sizes.

These are made in China and they have passed the national product quality certification tests and have export qualifications approved by General Administration of Customs, P.R.China

These are a non-medical knitted face masks with exceptional elasticity made of spandex also known as lycra or elastine.

Germ Free Keyring.

The germ-free keychain/keyring is made out of polymer materials that can be sublimation printed with personalised images on both sides.

It is a perfect item to keep your hands away from public contact surfaces such like elevator buttons, touch screens, drawers or door handles while showing your creative personalised images.

Made from easy clean polymer and printed on both sides.

Water proof, can be sanitized by water or alcohol.

All corners are designed to be smooth shape to avoid damaging on contact surfaces.

Choose from either a split-ring on chain or split-ring on plastic connector.

Product Code:NG11
Item ID:PPE Pack 2
3D Mask
Material:130gsm 100% PES breathable, elasticated polyester
Strap colours:White, black
Dimensions:20cm x 14cm
Imprint Method:Dye sublimation printed
Key ring
Colours:White body = full colour print
Dimensions:88 x 45mm
Minimum Order:250 pieces
Polymer Germ Free Keyrings

Germ Free Keyrings

You can buy the NG13 Germ Free Keyrings separately here in our hygiene section.

Hygiene Products

Hygiene Products Section

Please see our Hygiene Products section where we have disposable face masks, hand sanitiser and custom printed boxes and packs for a large selection of hygiene products that you can give to show you care.