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Eco-friendly Promotional Products

There is a massive move for promotional gifts to use sustainable eco friendly materials such as wood, bamboo and bioplastics derived from non-fossil fuel renewable sources.

This could mean that if you are not seen to be caring for the planet you are going to be compared with those who do care.

With suppliers gearing up to produce branded merchandise made with plant derived bioplastics we will see prices fall and fossil fuel derived products will become less desirable especially for swag giveaways. It's definitely the time to be showing your eco credentials.

If you suspect plastic will become demonised in the near term then you could be thinking of bioplastic products as well as natural materials such as bamboo, wood and paper which are sustainably sourced.

Our range of eco friendly promotional gifts are perfect for businesses looking for a useful but sustainable giveaway.

Eco-friendly Promotional Products

Eco-friendly Promotional Products

Eco Friendly Merchandise Ideas

Wood, Bamboo & Eco-friendly USB Drives

Cotton Tote Bags

Eco Materials in Promotional Merchandise

The materials used for promotional giveaways and branded gifts have an environmental impact and carbon footprint. It's difficult to unravel the variation but here's a summary to guide you.

We look into the various materials used in our logo branded products so you can get a feel for the choices you make.

The new PLA material, wheat derived products.

PLA is polylactic acid which is a bioplastic derived from renewable raw materials such as corn starch and it's fully biodegradable. Commonly plastics are derived from the petrochemical industry as a byproduct of fossil fuels.

rPET recycled plastic

RPET is recycled polyethylene tetraphyte. Although that is an oil derived product since you are using it recycled you are preventing a plastic from going into landfill by giving it a new lease of life.

Most often the source of the PET is plastic bottles which are ground into flakes and re-melted and that uses about 50% of the energy than it takes to produce the original product. According to Prevent Ocean Plastics anything made from PET can be replaced with rPET and it can transformed into new products again and again.

Bamboo, the Versatile Powergrass.

Bamboo looks like wood but it is actually a grass that grows very rapidly so it has a wonderfully sustainable image.

The stems are hollow and very strong and can be fashioned into a wide variety of logo branded products for you to use for your own promotions that show you are enviromentally concious.

Known for its use in furniture, textiles, flooring and ceilings we have assembled a collection trendy sustainable bamboo products making tasteful use of this marvellous material.