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Company Logo Face Masks & Printed Face Coverings

A company logo face mask that displays your branding provides a way of ensuring that staff have protection that meets a standard that you can control rather than relying on the employee to choose one that might not sufficiently protect them.

Getting back to work during the current crisis is a challenge for employers and for many businesses issuing face coverings in the workplace is a necessary precaution against the spread of germs.

Your branding on a company face mask shows that you put the welfare of staff foremost and reminds them that you support their team.

Washable types last longer and will therefore be economic over the many months that the current situation will affect business even when restrictions are relaxed and things begin to return to normal.

Over the next year or more you could be required to provide protective face coverings for your workers so a good stock of business face masks at the outset will reduce repeat purchases.

Promotional Face Masks

With the population at large looking for face protection masks and the need for these on public transport there is an obvious opening for promotional versions to boost your brand visibility. They provide a highly visible branding surface on which you can also print a message of hope to show you care. It is worth noting that we see a demand for promotional washable face masks rather than disposable ones.

Company face masks with your corporate identity overs protection of your staff returning to work. Being distinctive they easily allow an employer to ensure the workforce uses a safe level of face protection.

Filter options

Most of our "NG" models have the option of a mesh pocket so you can slip in replaceable filters which are plentiful in packs from common retail sources.

  • Company branded face masks

    Company branded face masks

Company Branded or Unprinted

The custom face masks are all full colour printed and are especially good for uniformed workers in public facing roles. Also, now that face coverings are commonplace there's an opportunity for them to become branded giveaways especially as socially distance events become possible. When events eventually get underway you can expect them as freebies given away by event organisers with the event logo printed on the side.

Mostly known for company branded products Crazy Dave also provides unprinted plain stock disposable face coverings for business and general use.

Company Face Masks - full colour printed in any design.

The continuing need for face coverings

In this economic climate the last thing a business needs is to be spending on products that don't enhance sales so we all hope the need for face masks will be short lived and that we can resume normal life.

Vaccine roll-out speed.

Now that we have a vaccine most people are expecting that we will soon be able to stop wearing face masks and they are thinking there's no point buying them. Since everything covid related happens much slower than we had hoped, don't be surprised if the vaccine program takes a long time and that we will be wearing masks for at least another year. At a wild guess that will be September 2021 when we might see trade events resume with gusto! Fingers crossed.

Covid-19 re-infection.

Sadly as the grim news in this Guardian article about Covid-19 re-infection suggests the need to wear face coverings in public places and at work could be with us for longer than we'd expect. If people are re-infected hopefully it will be a rare occurence.

Your order quantity.

The news suggests that the quantity of face masks you end up buying is likely to be much more than what you are currently planning for at the moment. Maybe durable re-usable face coverings are a better solution than disposable ones. Washable face coverings for the work place will need to be changed and washed so you could need several per employee. For many jobs a face mask at the end of the working day can be in a pretty sorry state so more than one mask per day will be required.

Environmental impact.

There's bound to be a different environmental impact too between disposable and re-usable face masks. When we find evidence to offer a definitve conclusion on that we'll let you know.

Where must face masks be worn?

We have seen so many changes in rules that it is very hard to know the current situation but we can refer to the Government advice directly from their web portal.

The guidance lists where face coverings must be worn and in essence it seems to be virtually any place where the public can be encountered that is not outside. It is a long list and likely to grow so we won't list it here.

Places of work that are not public facing are not mentioned in the list updated 24 September 2020 and an employer will need to decide the context where face coverings are required. It's common sense that employees need to be safe and there's value in a business providing its own custom branded face mask to ensure you know employees are wearing sufficient protection.