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Antibacterial Hygiene Tech Products

Metalskin® Medical Technology

PXKCare is the First Range of Antibacterial Computer Accessories and they are are anti Covid-19 tested in a laboratory.

Shared computer accessories (mice, keyboard, smartphones) are a breeding ground for bacteria since they are manipulated every day, touched by different persons and rarely cleaned. They can be vectors of contamination.

Our PXKCare range of computer accessories will eradicate forever the bacteria on your mouse, keyboard, powerbank, usb flash drive.

These products use Metalskin® Medical Technology, certified NF S90-700 norm, that provides a solution to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination due to the use of computer accessories and mobile devices.

CNRS standard: PXKCARE range is certified to reduce significantly the viral load of Covid-19.

The Metalskin® Medical Technology is a coating made from recycled solid copper which is a powerful antibacterial, harmless to man. It is particularly efficient to eradicate bacteria, microbes and other germs and viruses.

Antibacterial hygiene tech products

Antibacterial Hygiene Tech

PXKCare Products